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What are you reading?

By Dennis Field • About a read

When I brought minimalism into my life, I decided to unload most of my books, and have become pretty intentional about what books I bring back into my life. Any book that sits on my shelf today is likely a book that I reference on a pretty regular basis and have genuinely read. Even though I appreciate a nice full bookshelf, I've tried really hard this year to declutter mine. Why? Simple. It gives me intense anxiety knowing that I have books on my shelf that I've bought and have not finished. These feelings can distract me from the things that matter most. Please don't read this thinking that I'm reading less these days. In fact, I'm reading the same if not more than I have in well over a year. I just have changed my approach.

So here's my new approach to reading:

Most books that I read today, I listen to them primarily on audiobook. I use a great app called Libby that allows me to check out ebooks and audiobooks from my local library. You could also use Amazon's Audible if that's more your jam. I chose Libby and the library since it's free. The Libby app combined with my AirPods has been game-changing. These days rather than buy books and have them sit on my shelf, I  keep a short list of must-reads in Libby. When I'm halfway done with one audiobook, I'll place a hold for the next. 

This method has let me fit in "reading" anytime. I "read" on the way back from dropping my daughter off at school, I "read" when folding clothes or essentially whenever I have a spare minute that allows me to fire up Libby and listen to a few minutes of my audiobook. You'd be amazed at how many quick moments you have in a day to read when you use this method.  

So there you go. If you're struggling to find the time to read, give this a try. 

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Talk soon!


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What are you reading?

Dennis Field

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