Dennis Field

Hi! I’m Dennis, and I help designers shape their careers.

Welcome! I’m a designer, the co-founder of Greenline Creative, and I work at InVision. My passion is simple: I strive to help other designers get the most out of themselves and their careers. I do this through writing, speaking, consulting, and various other services & tools. Throughout my journey as a designer and creator, I’ve been fortunate to gain a wide range of experiences; some of which are positive, others less so. This is where I share them so that you too can learn from them.

My Latest Lessons:

Benefits of Minimalism NEW

As a designer, I’ve always appreciated the power simplicity and minimalism has on my designs. However, it wasn’t until recently that I began to realize how I can use minimalism to strengthen my life. Here's how minimalism can impact your work and life.

Building a George & Willy-inspired Studio Paper Roller for Sketching.

About three years ago, while on a trip to San Francisco, I was eating at a restaurant that showcased its daily specials in a really innovative way. They would handwrite them on a roll of butcher block paper that was mounted to the wall, and each day they'd tear yesterday's specials off and write down the new ones for the day. I just loved the functionality of this idea and took a few pictures of it for inspiration. After leaving the restaurant, I began to think more about how this endless roll of paper would apply to different fields in my life. I immediately determined that this would be a great replacement for the whiteboard in my home office. I love using whiteboards to take notes while on the phone, plan sprints, and brainstorm and sketch on, but I hate the appearance of most of them.   Learn how to build a wall-mounted paper roll for sketching.

The Importance of Financial Planning As A Designer

Financial planning is an area that many freelancers and designers simply ignore. I'm not sure why, but that’s simply the way it is when they start their careers. I hear tons of stories of young designers who spend money like crazy in their first year or two. I actually know of someone who purchased a brand new, fully loaded Porsche Cayenne right out of school. Maybe it's the false sense of security that comes with a paycheck? Maybe it's because they have a sense of freedom? Maybe we feel like with this new experience need to come drastic lifestyle changes? Whatever the reason is, I can honestly say I was no different. Now I didn't go out and buy a Porsche, but I did fall in the same trap of not really planning and managing my finances very well early on in my career. Here's my story. Find out how to take control over your finances with these quick tips.

My Latest Projects:

Treefort Productivity

I use Treefort to help me collect ideas, topics and tasks. I then crowd-source those ideas with clients, peers and fellow team members. It's like a pubic to-do list with voting capabilities. It ensures that I'm always working on the projects and tasks with the highest priority and return! Sign up for Treefort for Free!

The Designer’s Handbook Book

Do you need help reaching your goals as a designer? The Designer’s Handbook is designed to help you navigate the design industry and take control over your career. Learn more about this book.

Free Skillshare Course: How to Create a Marketing Homepage That Drives Results Course

Have you ever wanted to know how to make your homepage generate more leads? In this 60-minute class that I created in collaboration with Skillshare & InVision, I’ll teach you how. Whether you’re a freelancer who’s trying to attract more clients, or you’re designing for a startup or business that wants to increase sign-ups and customers, this course teaches you how to design your homepage so that it works harder for you.  Enroll in this Skillshare course for Free today!

The Art of Presenting Your Design Concepts Course

If there's one thing I’ve learned in my career that  has undoubtedly had the biggest impact on my career and will probably always be a valuable asset to me, it is my presentation ability. Learn how to present your designs more effectively.

The Pipe Books

The Pipe is how I discover self-published ebooks on design, technology, and business. Discover a new book to read today!