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I tell the Story of you.

I combine Story with technology and human-centric design to help brands attract, inform, retain, engage and empower both employees and customers.

I'm currently managing Employer Branding and Internal Marketing at InVision.

I tell stories. The good ones. The stories that build trust and turn people into believers.

I craft the stories that respect your corporate brand, push the envelope, but are grounded in reality and budget.

These are the stories that attract the world’s most talented employees to YOUR company, ensure they thrive, and create the most loyal customers. These are the kind of heroes who are passionate about who YOU are today and where YOU want to go tomorrow—the kind of people who have chosen YOU as their brand of choice.

I don’t just tell stories to new listeners. I ensure that each inspirational Story that fills your company’s halls is being discovered, crafted, and shared using the appropriate medium. I make sure that each Story connects, attracts, informs, motivates, retains, and guides your hero through whatever challenges lie ahead.

How a story is packaged, presented, and placed for consumption is just as critical as the Story itself. This placement doesn’t just ensure it gets seen but also ensures that it provides value to your overall brand experience—both internally and externally. Each of these stories and experiential moments must be thoughtfully crafted. They need to be designed with the audience in mind while meeting them on their journey. They need to be packaged into a solution that tells their Story best— it all needs to be intentionally designed. Lucky you, I’m also a designer. A designer of experiences, presentations, brands, visuals, and more. In other words, I’m an omnichannel storyteller who can implement my stories in a variety of mediums that are best suited for the message being delivered.

Remember, each Story and experience is just one of many in your company’s book. The book has a beginning, middle, a struggle, and yes, for some, an end. It’s a HUGE story that’s full of characters and heroes. Each of these characters has a unique relationship with your book. Some of these characters make it to the end of your book; they thrive, live happily ever after; others do not. However, in many of these scenarios, the time they spend with you and your company will help shape them. It will either have a positive impact on their future as you engage with them and guide them through their unique challenges or leave them with more questions than answers. Either way, they’re connected to it. YOU become a part of them. It’s not a relationship built by a social media post, a blog, a communication email, or even a new product launch. Your brand is a relationship built over the years— through trust. I’m the catalyst to helping make that trust.

Your brand internally and externally and the experience it creates is a story unique to you, and for each of the characters who engage in it. This Story will likely be a part of history. It will be what sets you apart from your competition. It will ensure that you build an engaged and diverse workforce. Like most companies, your Story is still being written. It’s evolving, changing, but it will live on long after YOU, and many of the key characters in it have moved on.

The truth is that your company’s culture and experience are being told right now by your employees and customers. It’s being shared on Glassdoor, Comparably, on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and talked about over coffee. Is this the Story that you want to be told? If not, I can help rewrite your legacy. If yes, I can help amplify it so that more want to be a part of it. It’s what I do.

Dennis Field

Employee & Consumer Brand Specialist

“Thanks again for everything. Your words and work are so helpful - just what I've been looking for as a growing freelancer and definitely an integral part of my ongoing education. I'm loving your blog and really appreciate everything that you offer a designer like myself, and the design world in general.”

- Margaret McCarthy, Freelance Designer

My Latest Lessons:

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Over the years, I’ve had my hands in many things. I’ve worked as an independent designer running my own company. I’ve worked as a consultant for other companies. I’ve worked as an employee at startups. I’ve managed my personal brand online, built side projects like HappyPatron, and a few other business-related endeavors that I’ve since sold. None of this includes my personal life as a husband, father, life-long Learner, etc. Learn more.

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This may be somewhat random, but I wanted to share with you all a new project that I soft-launched a few nights ago. It's called HappyPatron.  Learn about my latest project.

Be Curious

It's hard to imagine that it's been five years since I first started writing to you all. I've learned a lot in five years, and my life has changed a good bit since then as well. Thank you for the support, and I hope you've had a chance to reflect on your past year — cheers to a great 2020 and a new decade. Perhaps the number one reason that I started this blog was out of curiosity. I wondered, would anyone care to listen to what I had to say? Would anyone read it? Would anyone ever sign up for more content? I was just curious. Curious if I build a little corner on the internet where I could speak to other designers and share my journey with them, would anyone come? Well, you did, and thank you! Here's why I think you should always stay curious.