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Do You Need Help Reaching Your Goals as a Designer? The Designer’s Handbook is designed to help you navigate the design industry and take control over your career.

If you’re stuck with huge ambitions you can’t seem to achieve, The Designer’s Handbook provides you with lessons to move your career forward!

The Designer’s Handbook doesn’t teach you about craft. Instead, it equips you with the knowledge of what it really takes to have a successful design career.

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Why I’m Writing The Designer’s Handbook

Most young designers I meet have huge design ambitions, but they lack the knowledge on how to gain control over their careers and reach their goals. No matter how hard they perfect their craft, they simply feel stuck. Most designers dream about the day they can start creating the work they are proud of and earn the respect they strive for. They know what they want, but they’re not sure how to get there.

After hearing and reading these stories on a fairly regular basis, I began to think about my own experiences. From starting out as a young designer (trying to find my way) to building my very own design studio. It was then that I realized that most of what I’ve learned (outside of the craft) is the result of my own successes and failures. I then asked myself, “Why didn’t I learn this stuff in design school?” Shortly after, The Designer’s Handbook was outlined.

It’s Not Entirely About How Well You Design

Many designers feel like the only way they will ever reach their goals is by becoming the best designer in the world and winning prestigious awards. However, being great at the craft of design only goes so far. Anyone can learn how to become a great designer, but more importantly, you need to learn how to work hard, and provide real value to your clients and employers.

Through my career, I have learned that the most successful and richest designers in the world are not always the best designers. The Designer’s Handbook will teach you how to become a great designer away from your desk. You’ll learn how to position yourself in the market, what the power of networking is, and how to balance work and life, plus so much more!

Only the Right Experience Matters

I graduated the same way as most designers, with a student portfolio, a resume, and a dream. Surprisingly, my first project out of school was designing for the NFL. How much “experience” did I have? A semester-long internship at a local design studio and a job creating yard signs at a sign shop. The success was in how I packaged myself to employers.

The Designer’s Handbook will help you build the confidence you need to present your work with pride, as well as break down what types of experiences really matter and which ones don’t, early on in your career. I’ll even answer whether or not you need to know how to develop websites in order to be a successful designer in the industry.

On Feedback, Time Management, and Staying Motivated

Yes, being a designer in the industry is truly awesome, but the demand of creating great solutions can be tiring. After years of running a successful web design studio, I’ve learned a few things about handling feedback and staying motivated as a designer. The Designer’s Handbook provides tips that will ensure you remain fresh.

You have a long way before you can hang up the mouse. The sooner you learn how to handle the frustrations of being a designer, preventing burnouts, and carve out time for further education, the quicker you can focus on all your other life goals. Yes, the demand is high, but you can find the balance.

I believe everyone deserves to be the designer they want to be! I’m excited to have reached most of my goals by the age of 30, and I want you to reach yours.

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Reviews & Testimonials

“The content Dennis provides in The Designer’s Handbook is gold! It’s the kind of valuable insight I wish someone would’ve given me coming out of college!”

- Andy Johnson, UI Designer

About the Author

Dennis Field

Dennis Field

I’m a designer and educator who works @invisionapp. I’m also writing a book that helps other designers reach their goals. You can find me on Twitter @dennis_field.