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I love getting emails from my readers asking questions, wanting to learn more, or digging into a particular topic. I also love talking shop with other designers and companies about what awesome projects they are working on, as well as what struggles they may be facing. Although I’m a busy guy, I try to respond to every email that comes through. If submitting a form is not your thing, you can email me at

Where else can you connect with me online?

You can follow me on Twitter, Dribbble, and Medium and can connect with me on LinkedIn, Clarity, and AngelList.

What are you currently working on?

The easiest thing to do is visit my “Now” page. This is where you can stay updated on cool things that I’m creating or focusing on.

“Wow! Nice read. As someone who is just about to graduate, I really needed this. Thanks!”

- Kim Goransson, Design Student