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When you’ve been looking at a design or project for a long time, sometimes you need a fresh perspective on the problem that you’re trying to solve. Whether it’s a single project, or a complete audit of your current website or web app, I’m happy to give you this fresh perspective, as well as actionable steps that you and your team can implement immediately.

Who Will Benefit the Most From This Service?

What’s Included in This Offer?

This service includes the following:

Note: There’s no actual “design work” associated with this service, just clear action items. However, if you need wireframes to help with implementing some of the suggestions, you can purchase them as an add-on to this package.

What Suggestions Can You Expect?

Do You Have Any Other Questions?

I’ve done my best to answer some of the questions you may have regarding my consultation, but if you have any other questions specific to your needs, feel free to email me at

Reviews & Testimonials:

“Dennis is one of my go-to guys for getting feedback; whether it’s design or business related, he's on it. Bouncing ideas off of him always leaves me walking away with fresh insight and inspiration.”

- Ryan Battles, Developer & Entrepreneur

“Succinct, actionable advice from a seasoned pro. Even better, he's a really nice guy.”

- Thomas Officer

“It’s great to talk to someone who's very talented, successful, and willing to help.”

- Ali Lehman, Co-Founder/Designer at The Wonder Jam

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The basic audit package is a simple investment of $2,495.00.

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