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I love reading, and this page contains a list of books that I’ve read throughout my career. Whether it be to help with your craft, business, or personal life, I highly recommend reading a few of these books and checking out the authors. I think you too will find value in them. Also, if you have a book that you recommend, I’d love to read it, so please share it with me.

Before checking out the books I’ve included on this page, please read

Disclaimer: I’m excited for you to check out my library, but I also want you to know that some of the links on this page are affiliate links. This means that if you do decide to purchase a book from this list and add it to your library, I will make a small commission. That commission comes at no cost to you. It’s also worth noting that I didn’t choose these books based on their commission, but because I value what they’ve done for me and my businesses, and I think you too will find great value in them.

My Favorite Books:

Authority by Nathan Barry Book

This is a must read if you ever want to get into self publishing books or becoming an independent blogger. Reading this book is one of the reasons that I started down this path of writing and publishign weekly content to the design community.  Read Authority Today!

Don’t Make Me Think Book

Sometimes in my quest for keeping things simple, clean and structured, I forget the importance of ensuring users don't have to think to much about what they are being asked to do on a page. It should always be intutitve and upfront. This book simply keeps me grounded in that reality. Read Don't Make Me Think Today!

Networking Is A Contact Sport Book

Networking can be a struggle for some and if that's you, this book is awesome! It's probably one of my favorite books. It's full of entertaining stories and examples of how the author Joe Sweeney (who was also worked with many of the NFL's top football players) networks and stays connected to the people that cross his path. It's truely a great read on how to use your network to open doors and opportunities for you. Read This Book!

Remote: Office Not Required Book

Before readying this book I felt very strongly that I needed to work in an on-site with my teams and this was the best way to get work done. Remote changed that overnight. It provided me with a unique perspecive on the remote workplace and that this is the best time to concider working remote. The beenfits are huge for you, your empoyers and clients.   Read Remote Today!

The 4-Hour Workweek Book

I've learned work and life balance is a hard thing to have, but I do beleive you can have work-life integration. This book gives you tactical steps to optomizing your life so that you can spend less time on work and more time on life. It's a great read if you feel like your personal life may be taking a back seat to work. Read This Book!

The Design Of Everyday Things Book

Along with the book Don't Make Me Think, this book has been intrumental in my transformation from designing layouts to designing experiences. This book breaks down why as humans we struggle with the most common tasks in our day such as opening doors, using remotes etc. It's entertaining, but it also gives you insight and practical advice on the reality of how humans interact with things everyday so that you don't make the same mistakes with your designs. Read This Book!

The Magic of Thinking Big Book

This is an awesome book. It's the type of book I wish I read in college. It teaches you how to get more form youself and why you should always set your goals high and push to exceed them. It covers topics like finances, influence, relationships and so much more. It's truly a game changer. Read This Book!

The Total Money Makeover Book

So like so many I came out of school with massive debt and really struggled to find a way to manage that debt. It was a big weight holding me back, but I thought it was the norm and I excepted it. The Total Money Makeover was life changing for me. It helped me understand what a budget truly is and how to gain financial peace. So much of what I learned in this book I apply to life and also business.  Read This Book!

Other Books I’ve Read:

All Marketers Are Liars Book

So whether we want to beleive it or not most designers are not great at marketing. It's simply a different animal. So one day I set out to learn what I could about marketing in order to help me better undetstand what makes marketing work so that I could work more collaboratively with marketing teams and understand their needs better. This book by Seth Godin is entertaining and proved to me that marketing can be authentic and as a designer I too can have a seat at the marketing table.   Read All Marketers Are Liars Today!

Getting Real Book

Getting Real gives you an inside look into the the business, design, programming, and marketing principles of 37signals. 37signals is a company that I find inspiring. They've launched hugly successful products such as Basecamp. Basecamp is probably one of the very first SaSS collaboration products I ever used. The book has provided me with great insight on how to build software in unconvenstial ways and is a nice reminder that you can still accomplish powerful things as a bootrapped company. Read Getting Real Today!

Steve Jobs Book

I've always been interested to learn about other entrepreneurs to find out what characteristics make them so successful. I'm more fascinated on how someone can take those qualities and scale it. As a a fan of Apple for many years, I had to read this biography. It's a great read. A must for any library. Steve impacted the world in ways many of us hope to and what better way to get a glimpse into what it takes to do so than read this biography that covers the higs and the lows in great detail. Read Steve Jobs Today!

What The Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast Book

We all have the same amount of time to work with in a day, but what is it with successful people that allows them to appear like they get so much more done. This book contains interviews with successful people highlighting their routines prior to breakfast, giving you a glimse into how they are optomixing this time. I must say that after reading this book it proved to me that those morning hours are the most importnant times in the day. Read This Book!

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