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Featured Courses & Workshops:

The Art of Presenting Your Design Concepts Course

If there's one thing I’ve learned in my career that  has undoubtedly had the biggest impact on my career and will probably always be a valuable asset to me, it is my presentation ability. Learn how to present your designs more effectively.

The Portfolio Workshop Course

Introducing the Portfolio Workshop. Get the tools and training that will teach you to strategize and position yourself so that you stand out amongst your competition, and attract the clients and companies who value your services. Learn more about this course.

More Courses & Workshops:

Free Lynda Course: Getting Started With InVision Course

Are you new to InVision? Maybe you want to ensure that you’re using it to its full potential? If so, this free Lynda course that I created in collaboration with InVision is a great place to start. In this course, you’ll not only learn the basics, such as setting up an account and inviting your team; but you’ll also learn how to use the same collaboration and workflow tools that the most innovative companies in the world are using to create better products and ship them faster. So if you’re ready to work InVision into your design process, this course is a great place to start! Enroll in this Lynda course for Free today!

Free Skillshare Course: How to Create a Marketing Homepage That Drives Results Course

Have you ever wanted to know how to make your homepage generate more leads? In this 60-minute class that I created in collaboration with Skillshare & InVision, I’ll teach you how. Whether you’re a freelancer who’s trying to attract more clients, or you’re designing for a startup or business that wants to increase sign-ups and customers, this course teaches you how to design your homepage so that it works harder for you.  Enroll in this Skillshare course for Free today!

FreeCodeCamp Development

FreeCodeCamp is an open source community that helps you learn to code. You learn by working through self-paced coding challenges, building projects, and earning certificates. They even connect you with people in your city so you can code together. Learn how to code today for free!

Switch to Sketch Course

Are you new to Sketch? Are you thinking about making the switch from Photoshop or Illustrator? "Switch to Sketch" is an 8-part video series from InVision that covers Sketch design basics, advanced tips as well as better design workflows. This course will have you and your team up and running with Sketch in no-time! Learn Sketch today!

The Design Superpower Course

The Design Superpower is a free email course that teaches you how to leverage the power of design in your business. Every day, you’ll receive a new actionable lesson from one of the top experts in the field. The tips are tailored for the design noobs who just want to implement the ideas as soon as possible. Enroll in this Free course!

Treehouse: Introduction To HTML And CSS Course

For many the next step in their progress is to take their designs and turn them into a coded reality. This Treehouse course is great place to start to learn how to do just that. HTML & CSS are the building blocks to doing just that.  Enroll in this Treehouse course today!