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Free Skillshare Course: How to Create a Marketing Homepage That Drives Results Course

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Have you ever wanted to know how to make your homepage generate more leads? In this 60-minute class that I created in collaboration with Skillshare & InVision, I’ll teach you how. Whether you’re a freelancer who’s trying to attract more clients, or you’re designing for a startup or business that wants to increase sign-ups and customers, this course teaches you how to design your homepage so that it works harder for you. 

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Who’s Behind This Course?

This course was built in collaboration with Dennis Field, InVision, and Skillshare. Dennis is a designer and blogger. He’s currently writing a book that aims to help other designers reach their goals.

Reviews & Testimonials

“Awesome course! Dennis is an incredible teacher and gives a concise process to follow for designing and implementing design concepts in prototyping!”

- Mat Brown ,Web Designer

“This was so helpful, I've spent the past few weeks designing and redesigning my website, and generally overthinking the whole process. Such clear, great ideas; I'm feeling relieved and reinspired.”

- Ashley I.

“This course was incredibly clear and concise. It was really helpful to see the process from beginning to end. I've been really trying to figure out what this workflow looks like, but now I have a clear idea of exactly what I need to do to design better web pages.”

- Zack Rabie

“After your course I feel I will be able to help guide our marketing team – they already have some new ideas after considering some of the ‘subliminal’ design elements you discuss in your course. Very helpful.”

- Riana Nelson

““Very informative and clear. For a newbie like me design is not easy, but this course gave me a solid understanding of how to more effectively designs and approach a project like this. Thanks a lot.””

- Allan Matundan, Designer

“Great lesson from a super pro.”

- Nina Talles, Designer

“It simplified the way I thought of UX”

- Laura Leonte, UX Designer

“Very informative and useful in designing webpages.”

- Mark Anthony Valencia, Designer

“Choosing this course to start my SkillShare journey was a great pick. Dennis is an awesome designer and can explain succinctly what he's doing. I absolutely recommend this course to anyone doing UX/UI design.”

- Hugo Coutinho, Designer

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Who’s Behind This Course?

Dennis Field - Blog Bio

Dennis Field

I’m a designer and educator who works @invisionapp. I’m also writing a book that helps other designers reach their goals. You can find me on Twitter @dennis_field.