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Everyone’s Learning

By Dennis Field • About a read

Maybe you know this, Maybe you don’t. You’re still learning, I’m still learning, your boss is still learning, Educators are still learning - heck your parents and friends are still learning. Everyone's still learning, and that’s okay. Today is today, tomorrow is tomorrow. 

We all have gaps. Rather than put pressure on yourself to have the solution to a problem right away, Instead start by asking more questions. Spend more time seeking out experts and learning more about the challenge to ensure you have all of the information needed to formulate the best solutions necessary for that problem.

In short. Don't rush to answers. Instead, speed to discovery. 

Until next time.

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Everyone’s Learning

Dennis Field

I’m a designer and educator who works @invisionapp. I’m also writing a book that helps other designers reach their goals. You can find me on Twitter @dennis_field.