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Hidden Costs

The total cost of ownership or TCO refers to the total cost of owning something. This takes into consideration both the purchase price and hidden costs over the length of you owning this item.  Learn more about TCO.


I recently closed myself in a tank full of Epsom salt and floated in complete darkness for an hour. I loved every minute of it. Learn more about setting parameters and expectations.

Everyone’s Learning

Maybe you know this, Maybe you don’t. You’re still learning, I’m still learning, your boss is still learning, Educators are still learning - heck your parents and friends are still learning. Everyone's still learning, and that’s okay. Today is today, tomorrow is tomorrow.  Here’s what I’ve learned about learning.


Every industry has award competitions that businesses and practitioners want to win. Design is no different. Award opportunities are everywhere. At one point in my life, I felt strongly about the need to win at least one award. In fact, I succeed a few times. However, nowadays I pay little attention to awards. Read my perspective on awards.

I’m stressed. Are you?

At the moment I’m juggling a healthy list of projects both at InVision and at home. The result is that I’m stressed. It’s also the new year, and that brings stress with new expectations and goals. Find out how I prioritize stress.

“I wish I had been aware of your blog five years ago; you inspired me to realize that I’ve been sleeping at the same job while my life and growth is left there by itself.”

- A Happy Newsletter Subscriber, UX Designer