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Recap: Filming the InVision Course With Lynda.

I was recently invited to film an introductory course on InVision at Lynda. Since this was a brand new experience for me, I figured I'd snap some photos and document my journey. I hope this serves as a handy guide to anyone who wants to (or is prepping to) film a course with Lynda. Read what it's like to film a course with Lynda.

What Is Design?

What is design? Have you given any thought to it? Believe it or not, design is not just about the fonts, colors, images, or layout a designer chooses. Yes, we call it designing and the result is often called a design, but really design is about problem solving. Great design solves real business challenges. Learn the true definition of design.

How We Work: The Influence of Technology on Design. A Recap of the Kansas City Design Week Panel

Last year I was asked to sit on a design panel for the KC Design Week. The topic of the discussion was how technology impacts design. The panel consisted of myself, Daniel Seagraves, Mark Logan, Chrys Sullivan, Michael Gekas (as moderator) and JC Hendricks. All of us came from various design disciplines and experiences; we ranged from architects to UX specialists. Learn about how technology influences design.

It’s Great To Be A Designer

Have you sat back this week and thought about how great it is to be a designer? Take a second and think about it quick. It’s pretty awesome right? Yes, you get to wear hoodies and graphic tees, and play with typography, color etc.,  but that’s really not what makes being a designer so awesome.  Learn why it's so awesome to be a designer!

What Does The Future Look Like for Designers?

About a month ago, I was honored to be 1 of 5 product designers to sit on the Future of Work panel, part of AIGA’s San Francisco Design Week. The panel focused on the ever-evolving role of the designer, our conversation covered everything from whether designers need coding skills in the future, to the impact of current trends on the industry, to the skillsets companies look for when hiring a product designer.  Learn more about the future of designers.

“I wish I had been aware of your blog five years ago; you inspired me to realize that I’ve been sleeping at the same job while my life and growth is left there by itself.”

- A Happy Newsletter Subscriber, UX Designer