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Managing Your Health As A Designer

I am about three weeks into my latest move towards helping myself become a better designer. I suppose you can say it’s been about four years in the making, but who’s counting? It definitely has been a journey, but I know that becoming a better designer doesn’t mean that I always have to focus on getting better at Sketch, Photoshop, hand lettering or keeping educated. Sure, these are all important skills and maybe you need to improve on those skills but often times as we race to stay relevant and compete we neglect our health and get burnt out in the process. Learn how to start managing your health so you can be at your best.

My Most Popular Lessons From 2014

With 2014 coming to a close, it’s time to start thinking about your goals for 2015. My biggest goal is to finish The Designer’s Handbook. Read my top 10 Lessons from 2014.

It’s All About The Bounce Back

I didn’t have a post for you last week because I was busy working on launching The Portfolio Workshop. Thanks to everyone who helped me pull this together.  Learn how to bounce back fast from a failure.

The Most Common Mistake You’re Probably Making as a Freelancer

This week I want to share with you the biggest mistake I think I made starting out as a freelance designer. I didn’t correctly position myself in the market. Based on the inquiries that I get every week, I’m going to bet that you too are making the same mistake. It’s okay. I’m excited to help. Here’s my story. Learn about the most common mistakes you're probably making as a freelancer.

Finding Your Happy Place

Last week I shared how to overcome the creative block. This week I want to talk with you about finding your happy place as a designer. Learn how you can find your happy place.

“I wish I had been aware of your blog five years ago; you inspired me to realize that I’ve been sleeping at the same job while my life and growth is left there by itself.”

- A Happy Newsletter Subscriber, UX Designer