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Over the years, I’ve had my hands in many things. I’ve worked as an independent designer running my own company. I’ve worked as a consultant for other companies. I’ve worked as an employee at startups. I’ve managed my personal brand online, built side projects like HappyPatron, and a few other business-related endeavors that I’ve since sold. None of this includes my personal life as a husband, father, life-long Learner, etc. Learn more.

Here’s to brand love.

This may be somewhat random, but I wanted to share with you all a new project that I soft-launched a few nights ago. It's called HappyPatron.  Learn about my latest project.

Be Curious

It's hard to imagine that it's been five years since I first started writing to you all. I've learned a lot in five years, and my life has changed a good bit since then as well. Thank you for the support, and I hope you've had a chance to reflect on your past year — cheers to a great 2020 and a new decade. Perhaps the number one reason that I started this blog was out of curiosity. I wondered, would anyone care to listen to what I had to say? Would anyone read it? Would anyone ever sign up for more content? I was just curious. Curious if I build a little corner on the internet where I could speak to other designers and share my journey with them, would anyone come? Well, you did, and thank you! Here's why I think you should always stay curious.

Takeoff and Landing

Recently I flew to Canada and got delayed on my way back home. It inspired me to write the below piece. Enjoy. In my experience, most projects don't fail in the middle; they fail at the beginning or near the end—during takeoff or landing.  What I've learned about project management.

What are you reading?

When I brought minimalism into my life, I decided to unload most of my books, and have become pretty intentional about what books I bring back into my life. Any book that sits on my shelf today is likely a book that I reference on a pretty regular basis and have genuinely read. Even though I appreciate a nice full bookshelf, I've tried really hard this year to declutter mine. Why? Simple. It gives me intense anxiety knowing that I have books on my shelf that I've bought and have not finished. These feelings can distract me from the things that matter most. Please don't read this thinking that I'm reading less these days. In fact, I'm reading the same if not more than I have in well over a year. I just have changed my approach. Here’s how I manage to read three books a month.

“I wish I had been aware of your blog five years ago; you inspired me to realize that I’ve been sleeping at the same job while my life and growth is left there by itself.”

- A Happy Newsletter Subscriber, UX Designer