Designer Deals: A curated list of deals on tools and resources for designers.

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Designer Deals is a curated email list built by fellow designer Dennis Field. It contains special offers from some of the most appreciated tools and brands that designers use every day!

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What brands will I get deals from? 

Great question! I’m focused on delivering a curated list of deals that puts quality first and introducing you to the most valuable tools and resources for designers. So far, the list includes:

Do you have a deal that you’d like me to consider for Designer Deals? Please submit it here.  

How are you getting these deals?

These deals have either been provided to me exclusively or curated from a variety of sources and contacts. I created Designer Deals to introduce designers to useful tools and resources on a regular basis in order to help them do their job better – in the process, they get a deal for checking out the tool. My intent isn’t to provide a platform for you to get these tools and resources at the cheapest rates possible. I value our industry and the creators of these tools too much to build an email list or marketplace that focuses on giving the cheapest discounts to potential customers in order to win their business. If that’s what you’re looking for, this list may not be a good fit for you. However, if you want to discover awesome products and get a deal on them while you determine if they solve your pains or not, sign up today!

How often can I expect a deal?

It’s simple. When you join Designer Deals, you’ll receive one (maybe two) deals a month right in your inbox. Some of these deals are for tools that I use every day. Others may be deals that I simply find helpful and want to share with you!

What’s next for Designer Deals?

I have some ideas, but in reality the success of Designer Deals will come down to the support that I get from the community. So, if you’re a designer who finds this sort of thing valuable, you can show your support for it by signing up below, sharing it with your friends, and voting for it on Product Hunt, Designer News, etc. If you’re a product creator that values reaching an engaged audience like this, please show your support by submitting your deal for consideration. If each of you do that, I’ll continue to do my part, and the rest, as they say, “is history!”

Reviews & Testimonials

Designer Deals is great! I’ve not only discovered some really awesome tools that are now a part of my workflow, but I save money on them in the process! I highly recommend it!”

- Martin Dunn, Designer